Building on 20 years of operational consulting experience, Kalium Consulting delivers thoughtful, collaborative, sustainable solutions tailored to our clients’ specific challenges and business objectives. We believe in building partnerships at every level of the client organization and promoting personal ownership of business successes throughout.

This approach ensures that each individual embraces the necessary changes and experiences real results from our engagement. We support our clients with a broad foundation of heavy industry knowledge, specializing in mining, oil & gas, and construction, with a proven track record of delivering results for global, world-class clients.


Kalium consultants bring a common set of values, developed through decades of experience with companies and teams of all types and sizes. Every interaction starts with your objectives and vision. We build on that vision with tools and approaches that support true, sustained organizational development and professionalism.

Change cannot be strictly imposed on a healthy organization, it is sought and owned by those who live with it day after day.


Hold every person, at every level, in high regard


Create a shared vision and solution unique to each engagement