Kalium’s consultants have participated in a wide variety of projects throughout their careers which demonstrate their dedication to driving results. Through a collaborative approach, focused on all levels of an organization, Kalium works with their clients to implement meaningful operational improvements that support the strategic objectives of the management team.

We partnered with our client to design and implement a 12 month program to build the new Mine Maintenance, Production and Safety and Training systems and deliver increased production.

Our client, a leading potash producer with over 20 percent of global capacity and operations spread across the globe, set an ambitious goal to be the safest mine in the world. They were experiencing a number of challenges at three of their operating facilities impeding their ability to increase market share and deliver against an aggressive and safe production goal.

The client, a major oil & gas producer, was facing limitations due to production inefficiencies.

The client, a major oil & gas producer, was facing limitations due to production inefficiencies.

The client was the premier provider of mining and heavy construction, industrial, piling and pipeline services in Western Canada. As a major player in the Canadian oil sands, they needed to improve operational performance for an IPO.

The client’s mobile equipment availability was on the decline and forecasted to reach even lower levels in the future.  The absence of operating and maintenance metrics to measure their overall effectiveness, and an ineffective Maintenance Management System (MMS) to plan and control the work resulted in low levels of equipment availability.

The client, a leading Copper mining company had issues with production output due to availability of their Mill assets.  Unplanned downtime was on the rise primarily due ineffective maintenance strategies and minimal preventative maintenance.