Case Study

Real change is achieved with a concentrated effort of small steps in the right direction in order to cultivate a pattern of growth.

The Problem

The client’s mobile equipment availability was on the decline and forecasted to reach even lower levels in the future.  The absence of operating and maintenance metrics to measure their overall effectiveness, and an ineffective Maintenance Management System (MMS) to plan and control the work resulted in low levels of equipment availability.

Business Challenge

  • Projected mobile equipment availability is in a downward trend
Cost per operating hour on the rise
  • Overall maintenance cost increasing for mobile equipment
  • Increases in maintenance related downtime for mobile equipment unplanned repairs
  • Lack of supervisory controls preventing accountability from being driven down to the repair level
  • Management Systems not in place to control cost and run the business

We believe that there are no accidental results.

Kalium Team

The Solution

  • The team restructured and executed a new version of the Maintenance Management Systems to manage and control work. 

  • Increased focus on planned work, along with an upgrade in the preventative maintenance program lead to greater control of the maintenance operations that improved mobile asset availability and reduction in unplanned downtime.


  • 14% improvement in Mobile Equipment availability
  • 80% increase in overall Maintenance schedule compliance
  • 24% improvement in Preventative Maintenance schedule compliance
  • 71% improvement in Maintenance Work Order completion
  • Reduction of 34% in Maintenance related downtime