Case Study

Focused Framework Produces Results.

The Problem

The client, a leading Copper mining company had issues with production output due to availability of their Mill assets.  Unplanned downtime was on the rise primarily due ineffective maintenance strategies and minimal preventative maintenance.

Business Challenge

  • The overall Management Systems to control their all their operations have no formal structure and often not existent
  • All levels in the Maintenance Management area do not have clearly defined roles and accountabilities, resulting in gaps and overlaps throughout the organization
  • The organization has been in a run to failure mode versus a preventative maintenance focus that has led to excessive unplanned downtime
  • Maintenance Management System (MMS) processes are not well defined, including Planning and Scheduling
  • Key Performance Indicators to manage the business are inconsistently used for measuring performance of critical processes

We believe that there are no accidental results.

Kalium Team

The Solution

  • The team performed key strategies to increase the mill maintenance effectiveness.
  • Implementation of a comprehensive PM process, efficient daily use and execution of the MMS system to better plan and complete required work.
  • Tied in all strategies with a robust Management System to effectively control all aspects of the business.


  • 7% improvement in mill mechanical availability
  • 74% improvement in overall maintenance schedule attainment
  • 67% reduction in emergency mill maintenance
  • Reduction of 58% in maintenance related downtime
  • 86% improvement in preventative maintenance schedule attainment