Case Study

Achieving great operational results.

The Problem

Facility going through major expansion program needed to build upgraded work management, management controls and people processes to help assure realization of new productive capacity.

Large expansion program at site was behind plan/over budget and significant operational improvements were required to enable realization of CAPEX.

We partnered with CLIENT to design and implement a 12 month program to build the new Mine Maintenance, Production and Safety and Training systems and delivered increased production.

The best part of the project though is how much they worked with my people to bring up their skill level and expertise which is going to pay dividends for many years to come.

Division General Manager

Business Challenge

  • Large expansion project over budget
  • High number of new employees
  • Inexperienced junior Management team
  • Low levels of asset utilization OEE 15%
  • Poor cross functional communication
  • No maintenance strategy
  • Poor safety compliance amongst employees
  • High recordable incident rate

The Solution

  • Kalium Consulting designed a sequenced Project that integrated all activities, and trained a team of client personnel
  • Maintenance Work Management
  • Operational Readiness Assessment at Mill Operations
  • Mine planning and integrated scheduling
  • Training Management system design
  • Organizational redesign
  • Kaizen and continuous improvement process implementation


  • Operational Improvements
    62% increase in ore tonnage
    24% increase in ore tonnes/hour
    32% increase in cutting hours
    12% decrease in downtime
  • $100MM+ in additional margin
  • E2E maintenance work management process designed and installed
  • New maintenance organizational structure including several new positions to support  the process
  • Mine Information Control Center to coordinate all U/G operations designed and installed
  • Short and Medium Term Operations planning process implemented
  • Continuous Improvement  process designed and installed
  • Training tracking and coordination process designed and installed