Capacity Optimization

We strive to eliminate downtime by working smarter with shared knowledge.  The capacity for improvement and uptime rely on a conscious, intelligent focus and optimization of all resources to achieve peak performance.  By utilizing the strengths and efforts of the workforce, eliminating defects and deviation management, improved productivity of operational assets can be achieved. And by understanding cause and effect, we can minimize bottlenecks, waste and inefficiencies that lead to poor performance.

Maintenance and Reliability

By maximizing the productive capability of our client’s operating assets, we ensure more up-time on equipment. Our focus and attention on maintenance efficiencies, reliabilities strategies, asset optimization, personal productivity improvements, variable cost reduction, contractor cost reduction, and fixed cost reduction is unparalleled. Through proactive prevention and corrective actions, we increase plant and equipment reliability for higher availability, uptime and throughput.

Business Performance Management

We tackle the team and take change to the next level. Our approach is rooted in belief that sustainable results will only come from fundamental behavior change within the organization. With our help, organizations can do more with limited human talent, increasing both managerial and workforce capacity and enhancing best practice business and work process capabilities. Through increased integration of business planning and scheduling activities, we help managers with tools that support behavior change and improve performance throughout the business culture. Driving performance targets through cascading business analytics and integrated management systems ensures results are achieved. And securing commitment to the results through consistent behaviors, best practice transfer, trained employees, continuous improvement teams, process champions and employee satisfaction leads to lasting solutions.

Data Analytics

Business metrics are the essential framework of any healthy business structure. By analyzing and studying our client’s business systems we have the unique opportunity to find and uncover critical data that will lead companies in the right direction. Our resources, combined with our precise knowledge about what information is most relevant to our client’s goals, leads to a wealth of information that lays the foundation from where we work. Business metrics and data accessed through data mining exposes the strengths as well as the weaknesses of a company’s performance in any given area. Taken individually, this data can be misleading. We take an unbiased approach and look at all data from several angles to ensure that we see the entire picture and the correct way forward.

Supply Chain Management

Today’s complex and competitive environment require attention to every area of a business. Through improved sourcing, procurement, inventory, warehousing and transportation logistics, we drive higher operating performance to ensure a highly flexible and efficient supply chain.

Capital Budgeting and Management

Tightening margins for many industries across the globe are requiring the need for capital projects to come in on time and on budget. By partnering with project managers and their teams, we ensure that plans, schedules, materials and manpower are ready to go when needed and project timelines are met. Project reporting needs to drive performance and not just additional paperwork.